Coherent C02 Laser Tube Refill

Brand: Engraving101™
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Price: $1,250.00
We offer a fast and reliable C02 laser tube refill service for Coherent laser tubes bringing your old tube 'back to life' and warranted for 12 mths. Each tube receives a full "Condition Report" so you know what to expect from the laser tube and we can normally have it repaired in 10 days.

Our repair center is designed to minimize your repair costs with a three tier pricing structure:
Evaluation Only: If you send in a laser for repair, and it is clearly unrepairable, we will only charge a $200 evaluation fee. You will always be quoted a fixed repair fee prior to any work proceeding. If you choose not to proceed, you will only be charged the evaluation fee.
Failed Repair: Unfortunately not every CO2 laser can be brought back to the factory power levels. If we repair your laser and we cannot achieve the factory spec power level, you will only be charged $300 for the attempted repair.
Successfully Re-gassing: Standard re-gassing of a CO2 laser is only $1250 for most laser models. Some laser systems will have multiple laser modules and/ or electronic repair necessary, and those will be quoted prior to commencement of repairs.

Unlike other laser repair facilities, our turn around time is typically only 10 days form receipt of your laser and are repaired on the West Coast of the USA.

Benefits of laser tube refill Include;
  • Fast turn around, 10 days!
  • Complete repair and support of most Synrad laser tubes.
  • Cost effective repair that meets or exceeds manufacturers specs.
  • Experienced manufacturer and repairer with over 32yrs of experience.
  • Client Value. 
  • Client Support.

Models repaired and refilled: All Coherent Lasers up to 100 watts.

Pricing does not include shipping charges!


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