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LinkMotion/Agni USB Controller for C02 Laser Machines

Brand: Solustan, Inc
Product Code: LM-700
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Price: $999.00
The LinkMotion and AGNI Laser Controller are suitable for many different, new and used CO2 laser machines with metal or glass laser tubes.

This product is a combination of a special version of the LinkMotion driver designed to work with a State-of-the-Art USB micro-laser controller. The LinkMotion driver is compatible with Windows® 10, 8 & 7 32/64, XP and 2000 operating systems. Additionally, it is compatible with many popular applications like CorelDraw®, EngraveLab®, Xenetech® XGW, AutoCAD®, DolphinCAD®, AcceliCAD®, PhotoShop®, Corel Paint®, Microsoft® Word, and many other engraving and software programs.

The job is designed and simply 'Printed' to the USB 2.0/3.0 high speed port for the ‘AGNI’ USB controller. Once set and initialized, LinkMotion hides in the background just like a regular printer driver. The USB micro-laser controller is a 3 inch X 3.5 inch size printed circuit board with a USB 2.0/3.0 compatible interface to connect to a PC. The controller handles up to 4 axis of operation with step/direction commands, 6 inputs, 8 outputs, separate connections for home switches in each of the axis, and a number of I/O’s to handle all the requirements of a typical CO2 laser machine. It is the best retrofit/upgrade solution for existing laser machines on the market today!

Solustan LinkMotion & Agni USB Laser Controller features;
  • Works with Metal & Glass C02 Lasers.
  • Suitable for USA & Chinese Made Laser Machines.
  • Retrofit Older Machines to Work on the Latest Windows® Software.
  • Open Source & Works with Most Software Programs.
  • Control from your Android device, iPhone or iPad.
  • Control Pad available in English, Spanish & Symbol Language format.
  • Designed & Made in the USA.
  • Do it Yourself Retrofits or  Onsite Retrofits Available.
  • 90 day Phone Support - 1yr email Support.

How Does it Work?
LinkMotion USB picks up appropriate Engrave (Raster) and Cut (Vector) information from the application when the job is printed to the driver. With the preset information for motor acceleration & resolution, color based engraving speeds, power & frequency, LinkMotion prepares and processes the job to send to the laser.

The numeric keypad of the PC keyboard is used as a Control Pad to jog the axis of the laser machine, position the laser beam, start the job, issue home command, repeat a job, decrease or increase the processing speed while the job is in process, pause and stop or continue the job after pausing, check out the I/O’s, and other functions.


For a full list of features and more information, please email us at;



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