OEM-Spec Laser Optics

Quality Replacement OEM-Spec Laser Optics

At Engraving101 we carry a full range of replacment OEM-Spec optics suitable for most laser manufactures. Our optics from AES Optics are of the highest quality and are rated to 500 watts and are a fraction of the cost compared to geniuine replacements.

Ideally suited for, Epilog®, GCC Laser Pro Engravers®, Gravograph®, Jamieson ®, Kern Laser®, Xenetech®, Boss Laser®, Checkmate®, Trotec®, Vytek®, Thunder®, Full Spectrum ®, and Universal® lasers, these laser optics help keep your engraving & cutting looking sharp and clean.


*Disclaimer* Engraving101 supplies replacement optics for use in a variety of equipment manufactured by others and is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers named herein. All manufacturers’ brand names, corporate names, trade names and product names, and any of their logos, symbols, images or trade dress that may appear herein, are the trademarks and copyrights of the respective manufacturers, and no claim of ownership thereof is made by Engraving101. Use herein of any such trademark or copyright is solely for purposes of demonstrating the compatibility of optics sold by Engraving101 with equipment widely available in the marketplace. Replacement optics sold by Engraving101 are not authorized, endorsed or warranted by the manufacturers of the equipment in which such parts are intended to be used. Reference to manufacturers’ machines, components and part numbers are for the convenience and reference for our customers only.

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