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PUROSOL Lens Cleaner w/ Microfiber Cloth for Laser Optics

Product Code: PUR 1oz Bottle
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This is the best cleaning solution on the market today for all laser optics and mirrors giving a streak-free finish. This is the only cleaner in the world that breaks the bonding energy that holds soil to the surface. This state-of-the-art cleaning solution has created a new high-tech standard for leading edge optical technology companies. It is 100% hazard free, completely biodegradable, non-flammable, completely solvent free, odorless, non-conductive, neutral pH, contains no volatile organic compounds, and has exceptional static control. 

Originally developed for use with Government, Military and NASA Multi-Coated Compound Optics, this solution is now available to the general public. PUROSOL® Lens Cleaner has been developed in response to the demand for new, safe cleaners for use with the vast array of optical lenses and devices so prevalent in our modern world. Step into the 21st century of cleaners and protect your investment today!

PUROSOL™ Lens Cleaner features;
  • Specially engineered for coated optical equipment in any environment, PUROSOL® Lens
    Cleaner is a unique proprietary formula on the cutting edge of “Green Chemistry”.
  • PUROSOL® Lens Cleaner’s unique enzyme-based formula utilizes a chemical process which
    quickly disrupts the molecular bonds that salt, grime, grease, dirt and mineral deposits use to
    adhere to surfaces, and break the debris down using enzymatic action.
  • Contains no ammonia, alcohol, glycerin or silicone. Completely solvent free!
  • .Non-toxic, 100% hazard free, no CFC’s, non-flammable, completely biodegradable,
    environmentally safe. Safe for air shipping.
  • PUROSOL® Lens Cleaner is a sterile solution. It is bacteria free and exceeds federal EPA and
    OSHA health and safety standards.
  • Streak-free cleaning for a crystal clear finish.
  • PUROSOL® Lens Cleaner remains effective in excess of 7 years (if cap remains sealed).


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