Engraver Controllers

USB Micro Controllers for Engraving Machines

Solustan, Inc has invested years of experience dealing with CNC type machines and the problems of the systems were analyzed. The open architecture USB controller was designed while taking advantage of today’s technological advancements. The result is a state of the art controller with better features at a lower price, that can be retro-fitted to old and new engraving machines. Combine this with the experience and support from Engraving101, On-Site installation and Training and you have a perfect upgrade path for the future. Contact us today at info@engraving101.com for more information!

Ideally suited for, Gravograph®, Vision Engravers®, Xenetech®, Dahlgren®, Roland®, Quest Engravers, q1e Engravers, New Hermes®, Newing Hall®, Signature®, U-Marq®, Suregrave®, Cipher, Chinese Engravers and many other engraving machines.