Vacuum Chip Removal Systems

BOFA Vacuum Chip Removal Systems

At Engraving101™ we have teamed with the industry leader in vacuum chip extraction systems, BOFA International™. BOFA manufacture vacuum chip extraction units which are reliable, high quality, with low cost of ownership and offer 25+ years of experience in the Laser, Electronics, Mechanical, Engineering, Printing, Dental, Medical and Beauty industries.

With today’s ever increasing demand for low operating costs and the development of new materials and methods, this ensures we keep pace with new demands. You can rely on Bofa to provide safe, efficient and cost effective extraction, which will protect human health and the environment by reducing energy consumption and downtime. At Engraving101™ we also supply a comprehensive factory training testing and installation service. Contact Engraving101™ today at for all your vacumm chip extraction needs.