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Quality 2.5" Optics for Xenetech XLT/XLE Laser Engravers

Brand: AES Optics™
Product Code: XLL2.5
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Our 2.5" OEM Plano-convex lenses have one flat surface and one convex surface and are made with laser grade zinc selenide with computer optimized anti-reflection coatings. The quality of each optic is controlled from material, through fabrication and coating, to ensure you receive the highest quality optic on the market.

Our range of Co2 plano-convex lenses have been developed to fit Xenetech XLE/XLT laser systems and are idealy suited for laser engraving and cutting. All have been manufactured to high-quality laser specifications and suit all-power applications.
Each optic comes pre-mounted into a Xenetech lens holder on an exchange basis and requires the sending in of your old lens holder to Engraving101 or can be purchased as a lens only and can be fitted by customer.

AES Optics  feature;
  • Focal lengths ranging from 1.5" to 4.0"
  • Optimized for 10.6µm
  • 40-20 Scratch-Dig quality.
  • .065 inch in diameter.
  • 30 day warranty against defects.


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